3D printing

is a new technology which utilizes the chemical properties of certain plastic materials, usually molded in filaments, to construct objects layer by layer, using infill on various percentages at the same time to ensure its rigidity. This is an additive process, which means that no excess material is used for the construction. The layers are quite thin (<0.5mm), so the finished product is almost identical to the prototype.

Our company offers 3D prototyping and modelling, 3D design and stress testing using CAD-CATIA sourced programming, as well as part construction using ABS/PLA-PVA and nylon materials.

We utilize 2 different 3D Printers, used for different printing purposes: an Omni3D Architekt 1.1 for large objects (310x310x410mm of maximum dimensions) with medium-resolution requirements (200 microns) and a MakerBot Replicator (5th Gen.) for small and medium sized objects (250x200x150mm) with high-resolution requirements (100 microns)

Note: PLA-PVA is a biodegradable non-toxic polymer based in corn, completely free of heavy metals, pthalates or BPA. This means that objects made from this material are completely safe for use as toys or things used from children or other sensitive groups.

Also, we offer construction using other materials, such as metal, bronze or silver. Please inquire us for a detailed quotation.

This is a small sample list of what we can measure, design and construct: